Pomeranian Tips


For over 25 years, Starfire’s Pomeranians has set the bar for quality – both in standard and presentation. I love when people approach me at the shows, “Tony!” (yes, please feel free to call me Tony! I love meeting new people at shows and if we haven’t met yet, I look forward to meeting you soon) but people call “Tony! Please tell me… how can I make my Pom’s coat look like yours?”

I’ve used the same regimen for so long and recommend the same for you!

Starfire’s recommends our purifying line for shows followed by our moisturizing line for a properly maintained coat between shows.

FOR SHOWS:  First, I use Starfire’s STRIPPER, a chelating shampoo that is more efficient than a clarifying shampoo.  STRIPPER is a SULFATE and SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE shampoo that gently purifies and chelates hair.

NOTE: STRIPPER, like all Starfire’s shampoos and conditioners, is very concentrated so use very little at a time.

Make a good lather with the STRIPPER and massage very well into the coat to the skin, then rinse with warm water. You want to follow with Starfire’s GREED, the ultimate treatment that infuses powerful vitamins, proteins and curative actives into the coat for optimal conditioning. Again, make a good lather with the GREED and massage very well into the coat to the skin. Leave GREED in for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

HOWEVER, IF I am campaigning a dog, I use STRIPPER and GREED every week.

For that final touch, I spray Starfire’s DESIRE or Starfire’s FLATTERY. DESIRE continues the conditioning process by restoring sinner health and flexibility to weak, depleted, or overclarified hair. This spray instantly rebuilds hair’s integrity because it is specially formulated to replenish vital Keratin amino acids. FLATTERY provides texture, volume and shine with resilient support. This spray contains Keratin for a curative seal, which protects the hair for improved styling control.

Once you spritz the coat with either spray, proceed to blow dry with hot air. The end result is shiny hair, full with texture. I do this the day before the show.  At the show I use FLATTERY as a ringside spray. (FLATTERY is a “must have” product for any grooming or show preparation regimen!)

FOR MAINTENANCE: A beautiful show coat needs continued foundation between shows!

I start with Starfire’s GLUTTONY, our curative volumizing shampoo. GLUTTONY is SULFATE FREE, non drying, and preserves coat color.

TIP FOR GLUTTONY: For this shampoo you dilute 1oz to 8 oz of water

If you are showing a black, silver cream, cream, wolf-sable, blue, blue merle or white I recommend Starfire’s GLORY shampoo. GLORY instantly eliminates unwanted warmth, off shades and dullness while it evens out hair color. Dilute 1oz of GLORY to 8oz of water, then continue as below.

Rinse very well and follow up with Starfire’s GOSSIP, our curative volumizing conditioner. GOSSIP’s weight free formula builds body and fullness while adding shine. Again, use very little as it is very concentrated, you do NOT want to use too much. Make a good lather with the GOSSIP and massage very well into the coat to the skin. I recommend leaving the GOSSIP in for a few minutes then rinse with cooler water.

Most important, I spray JEALOUSY or DESIRE before blow drying.

You can use JEALOUSY or DESIRE for show days and for everyday maintenance. I prefer JEALOUSY for daily brushing.

Another other “must have” product is the Starfire’s NO STAIN, our powder that keeps tear stains out! This is our proprietary product that we’ve used for over two decades –unlike any product on the market. TYLAN FREE *and* SAFE in the eyes (even for young puppies). You use this powder at the eye where the tear stains begin letting some of the powder get into the eyes.  Apply once a day. You should see results within four to five days of use.

TIPS FOR THE NO STAIN: First, do NOT dip the same end of a q-tip into the jar twice to prevent contamination. Second, NO STAIN works great wet or dry. Put a wet (or dry) q-tip into the powder and roll the powder from the base of the staining against the grain towards the eye. The product does not leave a paste or residue and can be easily wiped off (for show day application).