The trademark of this breathtaking breed is their large, fluffy ears. Although we cannot forget the Phalene, the signature appearance of the Papillon includes these beautiful ears with flowing fringe.

Starfire’s recommends our purifying line for the ears followed by our moisturizing line on the body for that extra WOW factor that shows in a properly maintained coat. I have included grooming suggestions for the Papillon’s EARS, BODY, EYES, and TAIL.

First, you need a shampoo that will completely clean those gorgeous ears but leaves no oily residue. This will give your Papillon’s ear fringe a sleek, curtain-like effect that flows and leaves no separation between the hair. We present Starfire’s STRIPPER, a chelating shampoo that is more efficient than a clarifying shampoo.

STRIPPER is a SULFATE and SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE shampoo that gently purifies and chelates hair. Use STRIPPER when you want a naturally shiny, healthy coat with volume and fullness.  This shampoo is used for show days only; when you get home we highly recommend an instant hydrating treatment to ensure your Papillon’s hair remains resilient for the next show!

For this, there is Starfire’s GREED, the ultimate treatment that infuses powerful vitamins, proteins and curative actives into the coat for optimal conditioning. Wet the ears then massage a little of GREED into the hair. Leave the treatment in for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. After a thorough rinse, follow with a spritz of Starfire’s JEALOUSY, our multi-purpose leave in conditioner and ringside spray, and proceed to blow dry. (JEALOUSY is a “must have” product for any grooming or show preparation regimen!)

NOTE: STRIPPER and GREED are CURATIVE products that work best together and should not be interchanged with other Starfire’s products for optimal results. (for example: Stripper, our curating shampoo, should not be used with Insolence, our moisturizing conditioner.)

Second, for the body, you want a hydrating shampoo.

TIP FOR THE BODY: Mix 3oz of Starfire’s ARROGANCE (our moisturizing shampoo) with 1oz of Starfire’s GLORY (our whitening shampoo) for a dynamic hydrating combination to keep the Papillon’s coat shiny and soft.
You can use this for show days and for everyday maintenance.

After shampooing, follow with Starfire’s INSOLENCE to restore moisture, softness and shine that preserves hair color. When we say “dime-size”, we mean it! Use a dime size of INSOLENCE to generate an emulsion in your hands, then massage it into the coat and skin. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse with cooler water.

TIP FOR THE TAIL:  STRIPPER can also be used on the tail if you desire a fuller tail for the show ring, but remember that you must hydrate the coat with GREED when you get home.

Following any bath, we highly recommend using JEALOUSY, our multi-purpose leave in conditioner, before blow drying.  JEALOUSY is also a dynamite anti-frizz ringside spray. Spritz lightly before walking into the show ring or for daily brushing at home.  No residue, only a bouncy shiny coat!

With any long coat that may require an “extra touch”, spritz a little Starfire’s REVENGE into wet hair to provide additional protection from heat, chemicals, friction, pollution, UV rays, and flat irons. REVENGE is a revolutionary spray that can withstand up to 525 degrees of heat. If you want your Papillon to have that BEST IN SHOW look in the ring, don’t forget REVENGE before you flat iron the coat.  We highly recommend this spray that will keep your Papillon’s hair straight throughout the day, even in humid weather.

Another other “must have” product is the Starfire’s NO STAIN, our powder that keeps tear stains out! This is our proprietary product that we’ve used for over two decades –unlike any product on the market. TYLAN FREE *and* SAFE in the eyes (even for young puppies). You use this powder at the eye where the tear stains begin letting some of the powder get into the eyes.  Apply once a day. You should see results within four to five days of use.

TIPS FOR THE NO STAIN: First, do NOT dip the same end of a q-tip into the jar twice to prevent contamination. Second, NO STAIN works great wet or dry. Put a wet (or dry) q-tip into the powder and roll the powder from the base of the staining against the grain towards the eye. The product does not leave a paste or residue and can be easily wiped off (for show day application).